Functional Academics:

The academic subjects include those of a more practical nature necessary for day-to-day living, such as reading, writing, number work, time concept, money value, social studies, and environmental science. Certain concepts that are necessary for understanding the world are made easier to understand through projects and exhibits.

Daily Living Skills (DLS):

Realizing the importance of DLS, they are made part of the everyday curriculum. Skills such as eating, brushing, grooming, dressing and toileting are included in our educational goals. Top priority is given to helping children become independent in self-help skills, the very skills parents want the children to achieve.


Sophia Opportunity School strives to attain holistic integration for all our students by providing opportunities and meaningful experiences in all areas of development. Children are encouraged to participate and compete with students of Sophia High School in various activities and sports. Our children commute to school along with the children of Sophia High School.

Speech Therapy:

A full time speech therapist works with the children to enable them to better express their thoughts and feelings through words. Considering the fact that the majority of our children have difficulty processing spoken language, rigorous training is given in the speech room to help these children overcome their uncommunicativeness.


A full-time physiotherapist works with our children to help keep them physically fit. The therapy aims at helping the children to explore the effects of balance and movement of their bodies and gain equilibrium. Trampolines, slides, roller skates, balance beams and objects to climb in and out and through are provided to help. Therapy is always initiated as early as possible for best results.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a skilled treatment that helps children to achieve independence in all facts of life. They work in areas like fine motor skills, visual deviation, behavior, play skills, social skills, visual perception and so forth.

CATECHISM / Value Education

Catechism and moral instruction classes are made part of the curriculum. Children learn to get more in touch with God.

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