Our children participate with Sophia High School in the junior and senior sports meet. This is a good opportunity for our children to compete, try their best, and win laurels for themselves and for our school. Mass demonstrations, sprints, relays, march past and other novelty activities are an excellent challenge for our children.

Basket Ball

Our school has two teams who are enthusiastic about the game. We thank our own parent Mr. Venkata Narayan, who coaches our children and are encouraged to participate in interschool competition .

School Band

Our children are also part of Sophia Brass Band both Junior and senior. Such integration not just enables them to be confident with what they are, but also to identify themselves with others.


For the first time, our senior students have participated in shuttle relay with the senior girls of Sophia High School and won the second prize, which encouraged the special children to be more self-confident and persistent.We have participated with the Special Students of Bethany Opportunity School in relay and in dance competition and have won the first prize.Basketball has been introduced and the team competed with Cluny Opportunity Team. Such opportunity not only generates in the students the spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation as well as healthy competition, but also the energy to be active in the course of the day.

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