Personal Care

Informal & formal exchange of information

Our staff meets at regular intervals to evaluate and exchange ideas. Staff members take turns preparing seminars on topics relevant to special education. Professionals in the field are invited to share their expertise with the staff and parents to enable them to understand their children better. Also, regular parent-teacher meetings are held, with broad interaction and exchange of ideas.

Parental Interaction:

The Principal and the staff work in collaboration to help develop courage and confidence in the parents of our children. The following are the various approaches in this regard

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA functions in a well-planned way in our school. PTA meetings are held at the beginning and the end of every academic year, and every three months in between. All the parents collaborate and participate in all activities of the school.

Home Visits

Our school personnel visit the home of every student, which is part of the managerial practice. The child is observed in the domestic setting, which aids the staff to guide the parent in the correct methods of therapy.

Counseling Sessions

Individual parental counseling is conducted every Saturday throughout the academic year. Parents warmly and positively react to these sessions. The staff gets a clearer insight into the concerns of the parent and can give productive counsel.

Maintenance of Records

The BASIC-MR and other assessment methods are used with our children every quarter. These reports are well maintained and a copy is given to each parent at the end of the academic year.

Seminars and Workshops

Formal and informal exchange of knowledge takes place during the seminars and workshops regularly conducted throughout the academic year. The parents orient themselves with the latest technology and recent methods of rehabilitation.

The FUTURE, how you can be involved: Or, how we can keep improving together!
--depends on each one of us! What can you, what can I, what can who, what can we do to enable Sophia Opportunity School to provide maximum opportunities for the maximum number of students at our school.

Open School Exams:

Our children who are academically inclined appear for the 7th standard Karnataka National Open School Board Exam and have passed. The students who have completed their studies are pursuing higher education.

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