Extra-curricular Activities

Computer/Smartboard/Digital Lirary Assisted Education:

Introduction of computers and smart board has been a great asset for our staff and students. Education has been simplified yet enhanced through CD's and various other projects. 30 computers are installed in the computer lab to cater to the needs of the children. Computers set a great challenge to young minds and thus the benefits derived are abundant.

Every day an hour is given to each class for children to work independently on the computers, under the guidance of their teachers. Teachers also integrate teaching with the digital technology (smart board to enhance teaching-learning fun and effective.

Thus learning is more fun and satisfying as they work on their own. We thank an appreciated computer-donor for making this difference in our educational system and promoting a spirit of inquiry, self-directed learning, teamwork and other positive traits.

We also have digital library to access book from various sources. The students are motivated to read and expand their knowledge in order to enable teaching-learning interesting and creative.


Our children especially enjoy music classes where they sing and dance. The therapeutic effects of music help to soothe one's mind which aids better concentration and increases the attention span of children. They also have specific music classes twice a week by a teacher, training them to master in a particular instrument namely, keyboard and guitar.

Dance and Movement Therapy:

All the children in our school experience dance and movement therapy sessions on a weekly basis. These sessions not only provide a time for children to have fun and feel accepted unconditionally in a safe environment, but also to let go of their self-consciousness. Twice a week a dance teacher comes in the school to have classical dance class to develop students ability.

Goals for each group are based on their immediate needs emotional, cognitive and physical. They include enhancing awareness of themselves and others, improving self-esteem, encouraging emotional expression, teamwork, improving impulse control and relaxation of mind and body among many others.

Yoga and Perceptual Exercises

Perceptual training is given in five visual perceptual abilities. Yoga therapy and training in perceptual abilities are carefully geared into a well-rounded program that takes into account the child's total development. Different perceptual and yoga exercises are introduced every month, as formulated by the teachers at the beginning of each academic year. With continuous repetition the children gain mastery over these exercises, and perform well.

Movement is involved in every action of one's living; these exercises aid good movement. Proficiency in yoga and perceptual exercises also helps students to develop skills that are necessary for success in schoolwork.

Field Visits:

Field visits are a regular feature of Sophia Opportunity School. These visits ensure that children have the opportunity to relate what they learn in their classrooms to what they view and experience in the outside world. Visits to the post office, railway station, bus stand, hospital, supermarket, restaurant, park, places of worship, cinema theatre, shopping mall and other public places ensure that children get maximum exposure in the community Children are encouraged to take part in drama, skits, dance, drawing and painting etc. and have won prizes for the same. These activities and achievements build up their confidence.

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